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Sheila Ellis

I would like to let you know I have been very pleased with the service that you have provided to me at AmeriClean. We have been working together since June 2011 when you set up the tank in my office. All of the fish have thrived with your monthly maintenance. And I appreciate that you had some fish from a former client that you needed to find a foster home for, and you graciously asked if I could take them. All of the foster “kids” have thrived with the my other “kids”. You know they really are special to not only myself, but all of my staff. And my customers love them as well. I get so many compliments regarding the look of the tank and how well it is maintained. Please feel free to use me for any references for future clients and your business growth.

Sheila Ellis, President
AmeriClean, Inc.
1620 Business Pkwy
Hagerstown, MD 21740


Rick and Rosemary

We have a 150 gallon fresh water aquarium that we had Tri-state move for us from New Market, MD to Harpers Ferry, WV. We were quite pleased as to how smoothly the entire process went. Everyone was very knowledgeable and professional. We have to say that the sale of our house in three days was quite unexpected which presented a bit of a stressful situation, having things happen so quickly. Tri- state was highly recommended and certainly relieved quite a lot of the tension, as we were initially concerned if we'd even be able to take our fish, whom we love. The staff again was very professional and friendly. We would highly recommend them.

Rick and Rosemary
Happy fish owners
Harpers Ferry WV

M. Scott Bowen, AIA

Russ Figgins of Tri-State Aquariums has serviced our reef aquarium for the past 3 years with excellent results. Russ goes above and beyond to ensure that our reef chemistry always maintains its delicate balance. As a reef hobbyist, I find his recommendations to be consistent with the best practices in the industry. Tri-State Aquariums is a great company to meet all your aquatic needs.

M. Scott Bowen, AIA
313 Main Street
Myersville, MD 21773
August 2014

The Harbison Family

Thank you! Your company saved my vacation by responding to my emergency when I went on vacation. You came to my house on a Sunday, I highly recommend Russ. He saved me from my worries of turning back home . Russ gave me a feeling of relief while away from home.

George Harbison
Hanover, PA
February 2014

The Szaflarski family

Russ has serviced our salt water tank for several years. After personally struggling with the tank for more than a year, Russ brought it to life! Far more than providing monthly servicing, he helped us with improving the filtration system and lighting, and adding fish and corals to make it look fantastic!

Lisa Szaflarski
Greencastle PA
June 2014

Sheaffer Reese

Russ and Tri-State Aquariums has been successfully and consistently servicing our 120-gallon saltwater tank since the spring of 2008. Thanks to Russ, our tank went from lifeless due to a heater failure and miss information from the previous aquarium installer to vibrant and full of life.

He has been reliable, knowledgeable, and helpful in the time we've worked with him. We can count on Russ to keep the tank's chemistry in check and to keep "peaceful relations" between the fish and other living creatures. When necessary, he is happy to order parts and/or any components of the tank which is a great help to us.

Russ has also been very accommodating, agreeing to look after the tank if we are not able to. Thanks to Russ, we get to enjoy a happy healthy fish tank.

Sheaffer Reese
Mercersburg, PA
May 2014

Sam Cool

The Cool Family has been a client of Tri-State Aquariums since March 2011. Tri-State Aquariums moved our 75 gallon African cichlid aquarium from its prior home, a family friends home in Carroll County Md to Washington County Md with efficiency and great care of the living life still within its walls. Russ, the Tri-State Aquariums owner, always shows up when scheduled, calls before hand to confirm and provides excellent services. On a few occasions we have been in crisis when the aquarium has had equipment not operate as it should – when that happened, Russ has always been a phone call away and always willing to help same day in person or via phone to stabilize the problem.

Over the years Russ has always suggested various upgrades and enhancements to create a better environment for our pet cichlids.

I am a very happy client and would recommend Russ to anyone looking for regular aquarium service and support or a new designed aquarium display.

Sam Cool
Hagerstown, MD
May 2014

Drs. Null, Seidel and Dental Associates

For those looking for an aquarium manager and maintenance provider;

Our dental office has a large (170 gallon) salt water aquarium in our dental pediatric suite.  After one year of use following its installation, we experienced continual problems and eventually lost all of our beautiful fish.

Fortunately, we found Russ Figgins, owner of Tri State Aquariums.  Russ evaluated the tank and made changes at minimal cost.  He has maintained the tank beautifully for the past 2 1/2 years.  He visits the office every 2 weeks; even makes emergency "house" calls; takes emergency phone calls and drives over a hour to visit our office.  Russ is extremely knowledgeable and dependable.  He has been timely and thorough in his maintenance and his cost has been more than reasonable.  It is both satisfying and reassuring to know that Russ is providing exceptional care for our beautiful fish.  If you have a fish tank or are considering one, I highly recommend Russ Figgins or Tri State Aquarium.  You are always welcome to visit our office  to see first hand our well maintained, beautiful aquarium.

Cleveland L. Null, DDS
Drs. Null, Seidel and Dental Associates
353 York Street
Gettysburg, PA  17325

Frederick Air

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the incredible service you have been performing on the fish tank located in my personal office since 2007. As you know, when we first discussed the possibility of having your company handle the ongoing maintenance of my tank... I had pretty high expectations. I'm you remember my request that the tank be kept in "immaculate" condition at all times. I not only applaud your eagerness to entertain my request but your continued success in fulfilling my goal of a beautiful representation of an underwater paradise!

Not only have you been able to keep my tank looking clean and impressive, I highly value the advice and expertise you have displayed when I have a request for service and upgrades. Your quick response in a challenging or emergency situation has been an added bonus! I have a demanding and complicated business to run. The last thing I need is a problem or time consuming task associated with my fish tank. Your service enables me to get the enjoyment and relaxation I envisioned when I purchased the tank... without the hassle and work associated with maintaining the tank. For this I am extremely grateful!


Steve Schmidt


Russ Figgins at Tri-State Aquariums comes highly recommended. When Russ took over the maintenance of our aquarium about 4 1/2 years ago, we were plagued with a nuisance algae. The tank would only support a few types of fish. The chemistry was off, and the company maintaining the tank before Tri-State Aquariums could not seem to find the correct balance.

Now under Russ's vigilant eye, the aquarium is beautiful. Russ has created a gorgeous show stopper, which grabs everyone's attention that sees it. We have a mix of fish, corals, and inverts. Chemistry is balanced perfect and we rely on his expertise on everything. We have given him complete control with adding equipment that helps maintain the aqua-scape. With that being said, Russ always finds economic ways to implement his ideas, while going beyond our expectations.

We highly recommend Russ, to everyone from the weekend hobbyist, to the die-hard aquarist.

Paul Romsburg JR
Hagerstown - Western Sizzlin
August 2014


I am writing this as a Letter of Recommendation for the services provided by Tri-State Aquarium. Mr. Figgins and staffhave serviced my salt water aquarium since January 2002. The aquarium has been properly cleaned and serviced each and every month. He recommends proper replacement of ligh*, pumps, etc. He is very knowledgeable of all types of fish and their required environments. He is always available to answer questions concerning feeding and/or maintenance questions. He constantly monitors the health of the fish and when necessary recommends changes to feeding or maintenance. Tri-State is always timely in the cleaning and service of the tank. I do recommend Tri-State Aquarium for any aquarium service.

R. Brandon Youger
Younger Toyota – President


I have a 150-gallon tank and had tried saltwater and freshwater without much luck until a friend recommended Russ and TriState Aquariums. Now, my tank is the focal point of my home and I couldn’t be happier. Russ handled the tank set-up and has provided monthly service since 2005. He emails in advance of his service dates to make sure they are convenient for me and always provides on time, courteous and thorough service. I would highly recommend TriState to anyone.

Don Cline
New Market, MD.