Silent Service, Reef and Marine


Service for Aquariums of any size

At Tri-State Aquariums, we devote the time and energy to make your aquarium stand out in your environment. We research your needs and provide a complete system including life-support, aquarium decorations, fish and aquarium maintenance. The aquarium filtration system is tailor made for the inhabitants of your aquarium, ensuring that both the fish, plants or corals stay healthy and the water maintains a crystal clear appearance.

  • Aquarium design Reef, Marine, Freshwater available Predator or community Special ordered aquariums and stands Custom acrylic and glass units available
  • Aquarium maintenance, cleaning and repair
  • Aquarium delivery
  • Aquarium moving of existing aquariums to another room, building, or new home
  • Aquarium moving either from sale of home, aquarium or lack of aquatic interest
  • Aquarium materials and aquatic life delivered to your aquarium
  • Available 7 days a week for client support with 24 hr emergency availability
  • Service in the Tri-State area of PA/MD/WV
  • Free Loaner Program for active clients
  • Aquarium Lease Programs for businesses Our leased aquariums are best suited for short-term applications (example; Model Home Design Projects). With the lease option, there is no installation or eventual removal charges and all ongoing expenses are covered by our all-inclusive maintenance services

Maintenance of freshwater, saltwater, and reef tanks

We set you up with a routine service visit, which varies depending on the individual tank and the requirements of the customer. So many people love having an aquarium, but hate all the work that comes with it. With our service, you get to enjoy all the benefits of owning an aquarium without the work. We have developed a maintenance-free system that requires no work from you. The lights go on and off with a timer and automatic feeding of fish is possible. Then we come in on a routine basis to clean the aquarium.

  • Weekly, bi-monthly, & monthly cleaning /maintenance for homes & businesses with flexible management plans.
  • Aquarium cleaning and maintenance service includes a health check on all tank fish, all necessary water tests and water changes, substrate vacuuming, tank cleaning inside & out, complete filter cleaning & changing, equipment check. All activity tracked and recorded.
  • Aquarium supplies including tank decoration materials are brought to your home or business.
  • We quarantine new tank fish before adding them to your aquarium.
  • On site emergency service.
  • We are owner run and operated.
  • Professional, knowledgeable and courteous staff.
  • Over 15 years of aquarium maintenance experience.
  • Available 7 days a week for clients in the Tri-State area of PA/MD/WV, and now including VA.
  • 24 Hour emergency service.

Custom aquarium design and installation

Professional Consultation to review your specifications for any style of special order aquariums and cabinetry. Manufacturers available; Living Color, Miracles Aquariums, Coast To Coast Aquariums, Zeroedge and more. We'll work closely with you, our designer, decorator or Architect. We can get aquariums and lifeforms for your tank not usually found at the local big box pet stores. We can restore and Revitalize an old aquarium and stand.