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Our company provides maintenance and aquarium management for customers located between; Leesburg, Virginia and Chambersburg, Pennsyvania as well as western Maryland areas; Frederick, Maryland and Hagerstown, Maryland. Aquariums of glass or acrylic, large or small in volume, predator or community, freshwater or saltwater are all welcome. We can provide all the materials necessary to create your aquarium display. Just give us a call. Our years of experience since 1995 will relieve you of the headaches and aggravations that could arise from aquarium ownership when you don’t know the answers to problems. We are knowledgeable on aquarium life support systems and how they operate to maintain aquatic chemistry within the contained environment.

All services are scheduled bi-monthly, monthly or tailored to your aquarium need. Appointments are confirmed prior to visit. No fee is charged for cancellations. We provide services for businesses as well as for residential homes. Our time and energy is devoted and focused to ensure your aquarium operates smoothly for the benefit of the inhabitants and for you.

Tri-state Aquariums can design and install the following: stand-alone or in-wall aquariums, pre-manufactured or custom built. With our knowledge and expertise, we advise and guide you to choose the best equipment and aquatic life for your desired display. We acquire it, deliver it, install it and provide the management of the aquarium.


"We had a terrible algae growth, and nitrate problem, and within 2 months, Russ had us completely cleaned and back to optimum water conditions."

-Paul Romsburg Jr. Western Sizzlin - VP Operations

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Health Benefits

It has been scientifically proven that having an aquarium in the home or office can dramatically improve mental and physical health conditions.

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